While many older properties look and feel worn out, they often have immense hidden potential. Alinca Services specializes in finding creative ways to build on what you have. We will provide you with a free assessment and identify the best solutions to meet your needs while staying within the budget.

The renovations include: kitchen, bathroom, basement, stairs, hardwood and laminate floor installation.

Finish Carpentry
Finish carpentry is the last step in the carpentry process. We can perform the installation of finish woods and trims. We will install crown molding, baseboards, windows, stairs and other features of a building that requires aesthetic appeal.

Fence and Deck Installation and Repair
Get the fence that looks the best with the design of your home or business. We build and install fences of all types and styles, including: wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental.

Deck installation involves style, durability, and features, which are all discussed with our customers. Whether you want to construct a pool deck or integrate it beautifully into your home’s design – we have the solution for you.

General Contractor
When hiring a General Contractor, most people have three main criteria: quality, schedule, and cost. Finding a GC who can deliver all these is not easy. Well, you’re in luck! Alinca Services has the expertise and experience to deliver quality work, on time and at a competitive price.

Plumbing Solutions
We have a team of licensed and insured plumbers who will take care of all your projects, big or small, and will work with all plumbing systems, such as copper, metal, PEX, ABS, PVC pipes, kitec removal, and more. Residential and commercial plumbing solutions available. Contact us to assess your needs and get the solution.

Commercial and Residential Construction
We perform construction on commercial and residential buildings. All of our projects have been completed with transparency and communication with our customers. We are proud of our track record for completing quality work on budget and on schedule.

Contact us now for a free assessment!